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Wednesday, June 11th, 2008
4:59 pm
Proposal from Diminishing Chaos, 16th Resplendent Air, RY 770
A proposal from Diminishing Chaos, penned on 16th Resplendent Air, RY 770, and distributed among the nations of the Confederation of Rivers and the East, to be sent to the Realm, North, South, West, the Silver pact, and all known Solars (Solars that Posses Known Anathema at 3 or above, except in the east where they only need 2)

My dear friends,

I hope this letter finds you all well. I wish I were writing under more fortuitous circumstances, but the condition of Creation continues to grow worse as we delay this issue.

Creation is broken.

The first cracks occurred centuries ago, during the Great Contagion and subsequent invasion from the Wyld. Shadows crept all across Creation, allowing the undead to seep into our beloved world, bit by bit, slowly but continually expanding their rot across Gaia’s back. We all became aware of this threat when the Mask of Winters overthrew the nation of Thorns in RY 764. A subsequent assault at the end of RY 768 engulfed half of Lookshy in shadow. Just a month ago, a Deathlord known as the Walker in Darkness retook the city of Denandsor, in spite of the valiant efforts of the defensive forces of the Confederation of Rivers to protect it. Although our intelligence presently indicates he cannot utilize all of the technology within, it is only a matter of time.

And yet, you nations of Creation, continue to war amongst yourself for petty bits of land and meaningless battles over ruins for your own selfish ends. You are no doubt aware of small shadowlands appearing in fading in the matter of a day, allowing ghosts and undead to attack and then retreat before any sort of retaliation can be mustered. You no doubt are also aware of the Fae appearing randomly, and the rare, but now more frequent first circle demon escaping from their prison on their own volition.

At this time, creation needs a strong center, leadership that can guide this world in these dark times, to formulate a strategy to defend ourselves against these threats. I have little hope that most of you will respond to this proposal, but I do wish to be proven wrong.

If your nation wishes to participate in the New Deliberative of Creation, stamp your seal upon this letter using the enclosed ring. This will sanctify your agreement in the eyes of the Unconquered Sun, and will enter you into our membership. You will then be advised where and how to dispatch your representative to the New Meru. I have enclosed a copy of our drafted constitution and proposed mode of governance, which shall be adapted and ratified by a ¾ majority of all legislative houses.

I implore you to stand with us in our war against the enemies of Creation.

With Utmost Respect,

Diminishing Chaos, Exalted of the Unconquered Sun, Eclipse Caste
Sunday, March 16th, 2008
8:38 pm
Experience Awards
Here are the experience awards for the minigame on the 15th: 4 xp for all active characters involved.

And the downtime exp for the lookshayan bunch is 2 xp a month for 11 months (assuming the characters have been somewhat active in establishing the new deliberative) so that's 22 exp for the lookshayan characters.
Friday, January 18th, 2008
7:36 pm
Caldana Report, Descending Earth 15 RY 769
Seventh Legion Reconnaissance report
Agent: Chozei Meryl Cho, Fourth Field Force Exalted Ranger Corps
Investigation Dates: Ascending Water 28 RY 769 – Resplendent Earth 25 RY 769
Report Filed: Descending Earth 15 RY 769
Region: South East, Caldana

Caldana is a small town in the South East, nearing the Wyld borders in the region. The culture has been isolated from the rest of civilization due to the dense jungle. There appear to be signs that they have not had more than marginal contacts with any form of civilization, aside from various other barbarian tribes in the area, and the occasional guild slaving expedition. These people have adapted a peaceful and pure culture, quite passive and seems to function in harmony with the local spirit courts. Men and women have equal rights in the tribal culture they possess, and the leading concept for their society is fair and equal treatment of all creatures.

Technologically, they are underdeveloped in every area but agriculture, where they have learned to produce food in hanging gardens in the trees, with crops able to feed most of their population in a very limited space. It appears that they use some manner of thaumaturgy, but some evidence suggests a limited use of artifact tools to aid in their food production. Their culture is well adapted to the hot, wet weather that fills the region.

Their most valuable resource appears to be the steelsilk they trade and sometimes plunder from the dens of the Essence Spiders in the area. They use the material in almost everything, from gardening to their primary form of apparel, a sheer steelsilk cloak or robe, which they also use as bags and protection during hunts. The garment itself if a single piece of fabric which drapes over the shoulders, covering the back fully, breathing with open sides and long front panels. They typically tie it closed with a cord or sash around the waist, and will frequently opt not to wear the cloak, instead preferring to use it for other purposes. The fabric is a little stiff until one attunes essence to it, but could easily serve as a functional material for many purposes.

They also have advanced knowledge of venoms and toxins, such that they have developed many remedies of extraordinary potency, which might warrant further investigations.

The people possess dark tan skin with somewhat wider than normal eyes [a/n: by Lookshayan standards], and have been seen with long uncut hair ranging from silver blonde to deep auburn. Physically their features are consistent with those who are descended from those who once lived in Denandsor. It has been observed that they do not have much interest in body painting or adorning their hair or bodies with jewelry, instead preferring to leave their hair uncut with steelsilk webbing laced or braided in, in homage to the spiders that support their lifestyle. It is unusual to see Essence spiders so tame and living in close proximity with human settlements, let alone a seemingly symbiotic relationship between the locals. It stands to reason that there is probably a certain degree of unseen interference within the culture, but the people seem almost unaware of it. If this is the case it is advisable to exercise all due caution in any future encounters with the culture.

In summary, it is advisable to send in further personnel to investigate the sources of their materials and attempt to facilitate trade for their medicine. Due caution is advised due to the danger of the untamed jungle near Caldana, as well as unseen influences evidently acting upon the culture. The proximity to the Wyld is another major concern, as occasionally Wyld beasts would wander into the area and need to be exterminated by one of the tribe’s hunting parties.
Thursday, January 17th, 2008
5:29 pm
Beran's Journal, Ascending Water 15 RY 769
We have finally returned from the ordeal on the Blessed Isle. I began to understand what it is we did to Meru, even though I didn't want to visit. We did not have much of a choice after our group was run down into the underground tunnels beneath the Imperial Mountain. I witnessed first hand the toxic essence Meru has been poisoned with. The Dragon Lines have been cut off so completely that Meru is a marsh of essence.
I gained a great deal of insight into this area of study, as it is a unique phenomenon, but seemed similar to a shadowland.

Without further research I wouldn't know where to begin in repairing the damage, and it's not like I'll have the chance to go back to the Blessed Isle for quite some time. I still can't remember who arranged transportation to and from, just that there was some beneficial individual who was assisting us.

Diminishing Chaos has informed us that he intends to begin reestablishing a governing body for the Exalted in the East, out of Larek's kingdom, which means I will need to travel there again to prepare defenses for it. I don't believe the General Staff will support this action, as the Purist faction is gaining power within the city, after half of Lookshy was surrounded in Shadow. We'll see how this plays out.

((Storyteller note: The experience award for the last game was 9 pts since it was the end of the story. Zarya gets 4 pts for the end of the story, but since she missed the game she doesn't get the normal 5 points))
Friday, December 14th, 2007
2:07 pm
Icons, guys!
Hey hey hey, everyone! ICON TIME! Okay, guys, here's chibi exalted icons for you guys. Nothing special, just chops of the chibis with a little color added in the background. As you can see, solars get a gold aura, lunars get a silver one, and dragon blooded get the color of their element. Just right click and download. These are all jpgs, so if they're too big to upload, resave them as gifs. If you can't do that for yourself, let me know and I'll fix it for ya. :3 Enjoy, guys!

Hey, Ben, I don't remember if you said you needed one of Soaring Grace or not. Lemme know if you do, and I'll toss it up here too.
Saturday, December 1st, 2007
12:44 am
minor details....
 The New Character of the Unconquered Sun, now labelled (by the Lawnmower of the Unconquered Sun) the Newbie with Newbie's Luck of the Unconquered Sun actually has a full name now.  And her parents have names too!  (Even though they're dead...)

Zarya Astrabelle Farisen (Formerly known as Xarya [                ]), 16 year old newly Exalted Zenith and impromptu commander of a Marukan cavalry scale.  More on her later when I'm more coherent and not coming down off a (soda) drinking game (which I lost, repeatedly) induced sugar high.  

Dead (but still important) parents!

Zaviel Farisen - Air aspect Dragonblooded, got fed up with and very hurt by his family in a far distant town that he never speaks of.  He relocated to Lookshy and became a rather well known armor craftsman. 

Mirabella Genghisan - Independant (but if she was forced to choose, she'd choose Gold) Sidreal, Chosen of Battles.  She's taken on the appearance and life of a headstrong, fiery Marukani warrior and commander.  Her often dangerous exploits led her superiors to have "special" armor crafted for her in an attempt to keep her alive longer.  

And so she and Zaviel met and after some time there were pink sparkles and a wedding.  They then relocated to the southern parts of the Marukan Alliance near Thorns to begin what should have been a happier life for both of them.  In due time a child was born and life was pleasant for the little family.  Mirabella gained a following in the town's volunteer forces, in particular, a family of five brothers (and their assorted spouses and offspring and relatives) that quickly became the extended family that neither she nor Zaviel had ever really had.
     Two years after Zarya's birth tragedy struck.  Zaviel was called to war and dragged back into the political morass that had driven him from his birthplace.  He never came home.  Mirabella became increasingly depressed and even more reckless in her scouting trips and training exercises.  Zarya was frequently left in the care of her adopted family.   Four years after the death of Zaviel, Mirabella met her end.  On that particular occasion, Zarya was not with her uncles but at home. waiting for her mother to come home.  Her mother's horse returned with the shredded remnants of her mother's body draped over the saddle.  In a conversation that she can now barely recall, the horse told her to come find him and her mother when she was old enough and planted the idea in her head of striving her hardest to become the kind of warrior her mother had been.  Being a six year old, she took this advice literally and follwed the phantom horse out into the open plains and wasn't found for days.  Hipparkes, Kindly Horse God of the Marukani people, brought her to the home of one of her younger uncles.  Her depression and the effects of exposure to the elements resulted in a months long illness that didn't end until her uncle's first child was born and she was reintroduced to wonders of living.  Her hair, which had once been a light brown, had now turned white and she became determined to protect her family and all those she held dear at all costs.  For her, this meant learning the war arts of her people and she grew skilled in riding, archery, the sword, and is currently working on the javelin.  Hipparkes has taken an interest in her and has guided her and helped her throughout her life.  As a Favored Servant of Hipparkes, his presense became very familiar to her.  She has never ceased to pray to him in thanks and gratitude for what he has done for her family and her people.  
     Her military skill and potential were noted and she joined the ranks of her uncle's Lancer scale at the age of 15.  She quickly became the scale's unofficial chaplain and her fellow soldiers soon learned that they could, in fact, depend on this young girl to take care of both herself, and those around her.  Stories and whispers of the kind of person her mother had been floated around campfires and she was welcomed wherever she went.  Then, not too long after her 16th birthday, Things began happening.  A scale that one of her cousins was serving in went missing.  Her uncle's scale was the closest and they were sent to investigate.  There were rumors of a dark, undead force making raids in the area.  She could not tolerate this.  Too many that she'd known and loved had fallen to these dark raids in the recent years.  That morning she poured her heart and all of her being into her prayers for protection for her people and the ability and strength to preserve their peace and happiness.  She was answered by something she'd never felt before.  Hipparkes' familiar grey presense was almost completely wiped out by a noonbright blaze of light filling her soul with confidence and certainty that she WOULD bring peace to her wartorn country, if she had to personally raze whatever obstacles confronted them to the ground.  HE was on her side.  The light faded and Hipparkes left a final blessing on her.  "Blessed Child of the Sun, prosper in His service."  Tears streamed down her face at the enormity of it all.  She had crossed a line and there was no going back.  She left her tent and went to call her uncle's men to battle.  It was a dark and desperate battle against what seemed to be a horde of undead, some of them sickenly familiar.  Soon she understood what He had meant when He'd said he'd be with her.  As she fought, her weapons sometimes flickered with a bright glow and as she went on the area around her blazed like noonday and the undead fell away from her in shock at her brightness.  Her men rallied to her and they cut a path of destruction to the center where the beleaguered remains of a once proud scale fought desperately to what they thought was the end of their lives.  The one beloved face she hoped to see was not there among the living.  The rest of the battle passed in a tear-streaked blur and then...  it was over.  Now, the rest of her life would begin.  

(okay....  that's not waht I was planning on this being...  but oh well.  have fun with it!)

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Thursday, November 29th, 2007
4:01 am
quick note. I've created some tags for the community and I went in and added them to the posts. Tags fall into the categories of character names, exalt type, caste, and purpose (such as a character history, plot-hole fix, etc). It should help keep things organized. Don't worry if you forget tags, I can go back and add the appropriate ones later as the community maintainer.

Enjoy, and have fun :D
Wednesday, November 28th, 2007
10:56 pm
Whitehide's tale...FINALLY!
Wow! Finally! Whitehide's backstory! It's worksafe, I promise. I went ahead and stuck it behind a cut, though, cuz it's kinda long. Enjoy, guys! And please do let me know what you all think. It's been a while since I've actually seriously written anything.

The Story of Whitehide DemonsbaneCollapse )
Friday, November 23rd, 2007
1:44 am
Aire, Personal Journal Entry, Resplendent Air, 16 Y 769

Tonight could be the last night any of us live.

((A Journal entry by Aire, largely about Beran. She's a follower of the Sun-King Seneschal philosophy. Decided to kill two birds with one stone by having her entry be about their relationship. Possible Mushy Ahead. You've been warned.))

It's a sobering truth to face, as the Circle faces down a terrible monster from the age before the First. But I have faith in my mate. I trust that he and our friends and allies will be able to face down the Mask of Winter's army. Beran has a sweet and caring spirit, in spite of his fear that he will go mad as his previous exaltation did. He told me the horror that he faced, when we were confronted by the same memory in the Wyld.
I saw the same thing, from the perspective of my previous self, after all.

To forge a Royal Warstrider, certain sacrifices must be made in honor of the Unconquered Sun, it seems, as well as maintaining the machinery within the Deheleson Factory Cathedral. Solar aspected life must be sacrificed to the unconquered sun, in the case of the sleeping machinery beneath Lookshy. In the memory that we shared, he was preparing the final sacrifice to awaken the God within the machine. The sacrifice was the adult child of Brilliant Star, a Dawn Caste for whom the warstrider was commissioned. She was carefully groomed and raised by her mother and staff to be a perfect, faithful daughter in all ways. She knew she was facing her death and gladly gave it for her mother, whose greatest concern was that her investment in her child would not be wasted.
((First age Solars were cold-hearted and crazy. Dawn Caste thought nothing of breeding ingredients for weapons))

Beran swore me to secrecy after he learned our friend, Payton, inherited Brilliant Star's exaltation. He and I did terrible things in our madness... His previous incarnation, a sorceress, actually, would do anything to build and create powerful artifacts of increasing brutality and destructive capacity. I faithfully allowed her to do this, in spite of my conscience telling me otherwise.
((Beran and Aire are keeping the secret from Payton because it would devastate her))

On that night, we both swore an oath to protect each other from madness. In fact, ever since we made that oath, he's been drawing closer and closer to me. He apologized for his initial coldness, even! I don't really hold his dedication to his work against him; after all, it's one of the things I like about him. He's dedicated to removing the blights upon the world... to build a new, better world. Beran is different than his previous incarnation, as am I. That's why I have perfect faith in his ability to protect this city, to which he owes a great deal. That's why I encouraged him to speak out about his Exaltation. Let the world see the newly reborn sun-kings and their guiding hands!

There are more of us Gathering now... Another Zenith, a young woman by the name of Xarya came into our circle. I like her attitude and spirit. I worry that she is too young to dirty her hands in battle, but I was hardly much older when I Exalted and started my kingdom...  It seems she's taken a liking to Sylvia, who could certainly use the help, as my relationship with Beran inspires a great deal of jealousy within the wood-caste Terrestrial.

Sylvia has scarcely been responsive to my attempts at calming her anger and jealousy. She just blushed and stormed off when I asked if she'd be happy if I let her stay and serve Beran and myself as a lieutenant and mutual lover in the new world my Mate and I will build. I can understand her reluctance to accept such an offer, because she truly doesn't understand the nature of the bond between Solars and Lunars. She'll come around in time, though. I know that look of total devotion when I see it, and I know she'll realize that this is the best offer she will get. Beran was initially conflicted about his feelings until we shared that nighttime discussion of our mutual pasts.
((Yes, Aire is manipulative and charismatic enough that she can propose this without flinching. It's a fairly common arraignment among First-age Solars and their Lunars. It also helps that Sylvia is attractive and devoted to many of the same things as Aire))

Ironically enough, even were we not bonded as we are... I have the feeling that Beran and I would have been drawn to each other anyway. He tries to not show how much he cares, but I can see it in his every action and word. Like when he agreed without hesitation to go back to my old kingdom to work to recover it, after we save Payton's child. I've seen much more conflicted bonds between other pairs, so I'm rather happy with the Solar I found.

In other recent news, I started managing Beran's business interests while he plays general. As a result, our profitability has increased already, and I doubt it will slow soon. He's great at making stuff, but lacks lasting business sense. And then he introduced me to his family, which makes some of the most beautiful and exquisite jewelry I've seen in Creation. The problem is, there's not much demand for jewels in Lookshy beyond travelers purchasing trinkets. It seems they're still of Thorns stock in attitude... They turn everything into an art. They know their son has a strong attachment to the city he was born in... And now know he is an "Anathema". They asked me to keep him from doing anything to get him killed. I chose not to explain how grand their child has become.

Tomorrow, Beran's plan will succeed, and I'll very happily defend him while he carries it out.


((edit: Fixed the date))

Sunday, October 14th, 2007
2:40 pm
Anomoly Report
Posting As Storyteller NPC

Anomaly Report, Descending Wood, 16, RY 768

Most honored Bureau of Seasons:

After investigating, the unseasonable cold within the River Provence seems to have been an essence snag caused by the sudden release of Occult Energies by the Solar Exalt named Beran Prometheus, when he achieved sorcery of both the Terrestrial and Celestial circle within a short time span, flooding the local area with a greater level of essence from his Solar Manse, previously unregistered upon the loom. Appropriate adjustments have been made, and the Weather has returned to normal, with heat returning to the region. No disruption has been detected outside the vicinity of Lookshy and Nexus.

Kali of the Roads,
Chosen of Journeys

((yeah, I goofed on the seasonal structure of Creation. The group is going to be traveling in summer. Also, I found an extremely useful purpose for sidereal NPCs... Fixing my storyteller plot holes... which seems to be what they're designed to do, fix anomalies within Creation))
Monday, October 8th, 2007
1:46 am
Diminishing Chaos
This should be the last NPC Profile for a while. I think Diminishing Chaos is the last one

Diminishing Chaos, Solar Exalt of the Eclipse.

The Eclipse oft marks those events of grand significance or world changing importance. They’re used in astrology to mark the ending and beginning of eras, to match the fickle attitudes of the Gods as they change… when Luna’s face covers the beaming brilliance of the Unconquered Sun.

So too, does this story begin with an Eclipse.

In RY 763, the first Eclipse since the Great Contagion marked the day that the first Solar Exaltations began to reappear in creation. A young man in great forks, a politician and diplomat was just beginning his career when he observed this phenomenon. His faint blue tinted skin and silvery hair marked his family as immigrants to the City of Festivals, probably from one of the Wyld tainted tribes to the east. Their use of boomerang style weapons marked them as such. As is usually the case, major celestial events are celebrated with large, active, and enduring parties that last for days, and this was the situation the young man, named Diminishing Chaos by his parents (perhaps in honor of their escape from the Wyld lands), found himself. Nothing so unusual about that perhaps, as was one of the guests… A Solar eclipse, newly Exalted… unsure of its gift. It was upon this meeting that Diminishing Chaos found his true calling… Restoring the balance of power to where it rightfully belonged. He followed the Eclipse as it wandered through Creation, always coming back to Great Forks, knowing that its destiny would bring it there again… always.

But it’s the way of life that oftentimes, those with grand destinies do-not realize their true purpose until they’re on death’s door.

This friend and Mentor to Diminishing Chaos served Great Forks honorably, and even allowed a Cult of the Illuminated cell to operate a stone’s throw away, on the boundaries of a Wyld zone several days to the South of the city… knowing that the protection of the Shining Ones… the exalted… would be a great boon to Great Forks one day. However, he did not quite understand the desperation of the Bronze Faction of the Sidereals, Even as he worked to establish safety within Great Forks for Gods and Mortals alike, a Bronze Faction Sidereal was preparing a trap for him.

It was upon a meeting with a pair of local Gods to mediate worship schedules among the field workers of Great Forks that the trap was sprung. Several of the mortals attending who were representing the field workers sprang out and assaulted the Eclipse, catching him off guard… and slaying him. Diminishing Chaos once said that the sun faded that day, as he came to aid his Mentor, and found him bleeding upon the ground. As he stared down at the bleeding form of his friend, he looked at the bloodied mortals and called down the wrath of the heavens, cursing the mortals who broke their oath of peace, inciting the local gods to slay the perpetrators, per an ancient pact. As his new anima flared, the gods obeyed, slaying those that broke the generations old Great Forks oath not to strike or slay an official negotiator on business for the city. Justice was served, and all followed their duty under his instruction.

Diminishing Chaos… educated by his mentor, bearing some of his memories and knowledge, sought out the Three that ruled over Great Forks and knelt before them, offering his services as ambassador and Eclipse, to bring balance to the city, and creation. They accepted his offer and began guiding him on his course to restore order to the world, which so desperately needs it.

Diminishing Chaos is a friendly, moderately popular person within Great Forks, whom the Bronze Faction is quite eager to find a moment for him to slip up and find an opening, as his activities are an ever-increasing threat to their control within creation. Unfortunately, with the nearby Zenith, and several Solars increasing in prominence on the Loom of Fate, the faction does not have nearly enough power to take down the Exalts directly…

Diminishing Chaos has lightly blue tinted skin, pronounced pointed ears, and short silvery hair. This is due to his Ancestry from a tribe of Wyld tainted who immigrated to Great Forks a generation prior. He has had no problem adjusting the city, and even the most paranoid Great Forks citizens will admit to Diminishing Chaos’s contributions to the city.
Sunday, October 7th, 2007
5:01 am
Shadow of the Sun
Got another profile here, this one is Shadow of the Sun. Once again, done late night/early morning.

Shadow of the Sun, Abyssal of the Moonshadow Caste

Shadow of the Sun was born in the region surrounding thorns shortly before the war between the Scavenger Lands and Thorns broke out, he lived under a different name, and different identity… one long lost. He grew up in a city known for its artistry and majesty, not for being a puppet state. Even so, he joined the Thorns diplomatic core two years before the Mask of Winters invaded in RY 762. He more or less shrugged when the Empress vanished. It’s not like she did a lot of good for the cities on the threshold, and it wouldn’t affect his lavish lifestyle after all… and then the Mask of Winters invaded, and the government of Thorns came tumbling down… And that’s when his name vanished.

Surviving in the decimated and decaying shadowland wasn’t easy, but he and a few other diplomats who had the fortune of being away from the city manse that day managed to eek out a living within the darkness that had taken the city… But living in darkness and squalor was a fate far better than those who lived high up in the city… under the cold gaze of the Mask of Winters.

The young man was a survivor, who would do anything to live another day… it wasn’t that he lacked dignity, but he had lost everything but his life, and he would be damned if that would be taken from him.

Or so he thought.

Damnation is a funny thing, when you’re halfway to hell anyway.

It was deep within the bowels of the city… the half-mad sewers of Thorns, which had become connected to the Labyrinth below the underworld. Rumors of strange creatures living beneath the streets kept most sane people from venturing down there, but…

A rumor spread of a sunlight dancing amongst the darkness of the under city. The young man decided he would investigate to either verify or deny the rumor. He was perfectly aware of the danger, but was prepared to flee at the first sign of trouble… after all, he hadn’t much more to lose, and those with him needed… deserved to know what dangers lay beneath them… or what hope might be hidden down there.

As he wandered the darkness, he spotted a faint light ahead and followed it, unknowingly wandering deeper and deeper into the under city, unaware that he followed it as long as nightfall, until it drew him into the Labyrinth… it was there that the light spoke to him

“Coward… you’ve lost all dignity… all hope… give up and die… give yourself to oblivion…”

The young man backed away, unsure how to respond, as a naphwrack came at him and ripped into his very soul… He lay, perplexed, unsure and trapped, falling into a horrible death, hearing the echoes of the Neverborn within the Labyrinth. A telltale two-faced mask hovered above him… taunting him…

“Such a pity… a noble young soul such as yourself, condemned to be a mere ghost… after all you’ve given to the underworld… all the drama within your whelping survivors… continuing on against all odds… entertaining as it is, it seems you’ve failed… or not.” He shuddered as he lay dying, watching the mask taunt him. “Follow your mind into my service and you will have everything you don’t need, and nothing but what you don’t desire… and everything you could hope and want… Join with me, mortal, and you’ll see and experience things the living could never hope to understand in both worlds above and below. If you accept my gift, hold onto my hand… if you do not, lay down and die like a dog.”

As the young man lay dying, he grasped the steel gauntleted hand and felt unlife surge into him.

“Your new name is Shadow of the Sun, in honor of the light you hoped to find underground, and you shall serve as my ambassador to the living fools who don’t understand what it is we offer them.”

Shadow of the Sun served loyally for several years before being sent to Lookshy, where his journey to his most secret of desires… redemption… would begin.

Shadow of the Sun has the appearance of a Thorns noble, except his hair has turned completely black, his eyes have darkened, and his skin has taken on an ashen gray tone. He still maintains a dignified bearing in spite of his current circumstances. He wears diplomat-style robes, and avoids people and other things in most cases, spending much of his time trying to keep Resonance from causing too much damage to his surroundings.
Thursday, October 4th, 2007
2:51 am
On Travel Times (posted here too)
At a rate of 15 mph, or 180 miles per day, by Rented skyship, it takes 9 days to travel between Lookshy, and Larek's kingdom.

At a rate of 6 mph, or 30 miles per day, on horseback... or 500 miles per month, it takes three and 1/5 months to travel between Lookshy and Larek's kingdom...

Just a correction from a sleepy storyteller.
2:37 am
Sylvia Shen
Here's Sylvia!
Chuzei Sylvia Shen, Dragon Blooded of Wood

Sylvia was born in RY 714, into Gens Shen, a lesser house within Lookshy. She exalted at the young age of 14, and set up into an arranged marriage by the house, to be fulfilled at age 25. She graduated from a prestigious Academy with top grades, and served within the Seventh Legion for many tours of duty, in a fairly typical military career. She served in the war with Thorns in 754, and in RY 766, she commanded in a scouting mission to gather intelligence on the Mask of Winters performed by the Fourth Field Force. In spite of the failure of the mission, she was promoted to the rank of Chuzei, and placed in charge of managing the increasing population of Anathema amongst the citizens of Lookshy

Unfortunately, Sylvia’s personal life was not as bright as her military record. Although she dutifully entered into her arranged marriage, the union itself was fruitless and annulled in RY 749. Her former spouse went on to produce several children over the next few years, leading to the rumor among the Gens that she was infertile. Although she was perfectly content to go about her career with no offspring, her family was displeased with her lack of initiative in creating more dragon-blooded children, which lead to a feud which kept her from rising above the most basic of officer ranks, until she transferred out of the First Field Force, into the Fourth. When the disaster in RY 766 happened her bravery and honor could no longer be ignored, so she was promoted.

She witnessed the Exaltation of Beran Sohan on that fateful mission, and witnessed first hand, the potential of the Solar Exalted to be a great boon to Lookshy. She approached Taimyo Teresu Zen Wu, commander of the Fourth Field Force, and proposed her idea of utilizing these loyal exalted in their inevitable war. Her project became a top priority, and top-secret project, taking advantage of her closeness with Beran to wrangle several Exalts under her command. Truth be told, she has virtually infallible faith in the man who saved her unit from total destruction, who had the talent of repairing and constructing First-Age artifacts. It’s this knowledge and faith that has led her to become a personal aide and provider for Beran’s work, knowing in her heart that this loyal solar would never betray her or her ideals for a better Lookshy.

Her world was turned on its side however, when the other Solars began to arrive in Lookshy, her own political and military connections barely able to keep them under wraps as they began to force changes unto the world around them. Particularly disturbing, was the arrival of a lunar anathema, a woman who looked like she belonged more at home in a brothel than in a position of leadership began to win the hearts and minds of her staff, and her friends… most especially disturbing was the woman’s interest in Beran, who she scarcely knew, but seemed to have a pull on his attention beyond anything he had previously shown.

Eventually though… after speaking with her… Sylvia realized that the woman wasn’t out to destroy her work, or her relationship with her solar…leader… That Aire wanted the same things as her, that she was a friend, and a worthy companion… after a simple assurance, Sylvia knew it was true…

Appearance-wise, Sylvia is an attractive woman in her mid twenties, of native Lookshy stock, with long, light-brown hair, and brown eyes. Her build is feminine, but athletic, with fair skin, similar to that of other native-born Lookshayans. Her style of dress, when not wearing green-jade Articulated Plate, is the typical Lookshy Cheongsam, usually green with a plant or vine-like motif, representing her Exaltation
In terms of personality, Sylvia is quite professional in all her dealings and would rarely admit to anything beyond that with any of the Exalted she’s working with… at least not publicly. The Solar Circle within Lookshy is her project, her garden and very much wants them to flourish into what they can be… even if she doesn’t quite know what that is.
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Two posts in one night! Here's Meryl! I think Diminishing Chaos is next, Followed by Shadow of the Sun

Meryl Cho, Exalt of the Night Caste

Meryl is perhaps the most quiet and guarded of the circle in Lookshy. She was born into a poor Helot family (second class citizens of Lookshy), where she learned how to survive on her wits and agility. Although most of Lookshy takes care of all its citizenry, as all are potential soldiers, those that have minimal skills usually subsist on military careers. Meryl was orphaned in RY 754 during the war with Thorns. She became a ward of the state and found her real talent at sneaking and observing, unnoticed. Her deadly accuracy with a bow and ability to catch opponents off-guard marked her at a young age as a potential Ranger. Although her lack of Dragon-blooded breeding was a detriment to her career, she more than made up for it with her loyalty to the state. She served her field service within the First Field Force, and was recruited into the security directorate for her willingness to perform any job for the good of the state. This was her life, until the fateful day she Exalted.

It was during a mission within the city to monitor a suspicious Metic that it happened. The Metic himself was a god-blooded of ill-repute who didn’t take too kindly to being spied upon by the Lookshy government and decided to lash out at Meryl. Unfortunately Meryl was expecting such a response and took precautions… nobody expected that at that moment she would Exalt as she assassinated the corrupt God-Blood that was attempting to extort her city.

Meryl was unsure what had happened to her… her aim with a bow became unerring, and her martial prowess increased exponentially even as her awareness of essence exploded, while she fought off the God-Blood’s minions. She considered speaking with her commander about the issue, until she saw herself in a mirror… with the caste mark of the Night glowing on her forehead. That was the only night she didn’t report for debriefing on time in her entire career. She had become Anathema, as the dragon-blooded would call it… She didn’t feel evil or possessed however, and the power gave the ability she needed to protect Lookshy from even greater threats… and began to learn based off of pure memory, of her old way of fighting. Soon however, she began to notice the sickening decay of the world around her, and then rumors spread about Lookshy of an Anathema smith producing marvels of craftsmanship for the city. She requested duty to monitor any and all Anathema within the city, and did so quietly, observing Beran, noting his behavior, motivations… and fits of temporary callousness… And then another Anathema appeared, one by the name of Anthony Grovcheck, a Citizen who soon sacrificed his social status and became a sorcerer, changing his name to Hunts the Darkness. By observing him, she learned much of her status as Anathema, and decided to take a more active roll in her Charges’ lives, still not revealing her own Exaltation. Beran and Hunts the darkness fatefully met, and encountered Payton Ackart. Chuzei Shen suggested using the newly discovered Anathema as a secret weapon against the Mask of Winters, pulling them into the politics of Lookshy, and Meryl offered to be their handler, her own track record quite perfect.

She slowly revealed her abilities to the other Solars, and is slowly beginning to trust her circle… and question her place in Lookshy society… although nobody would ever know by simple observation.

Meryl is moderately short for a native Lookshayan, with a small, slender frame and short, black hair. Typically she wears her Ranger unit colors (black) even when she’s off duty. Her typical facial expression is unreadable. Although she has a boyish frame and an extremely conservative manner of dress, her face is feminine, albeit cold. Although she’s detached from the world around her, she has become attached to a foreigner, Payton, and serves as a mentor of sorts, teaching the hot-headed Dawn Caste and sparring with her from time to time. Most people get the impression that Meryl’s loyalty to Lookshy is unwavering… In spite of her coldness, Meryl is brave almost to a fault, and is unlikely to back down from a fight, and would never betray her own convictions. That being said, she also has the same wants and desires as most people… Although she’d never openly admit it.
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Aire, Lunar Exalt of the Changing Moon
NPC Profile # 2, Aire. This was written late at night, so if there's a problem... sorry.

Aire is graceful, social, and the definition of exotic beauty, she seems superficial and fascinated with the material world, with a strong passion for artwork, as well as objects and people of beauty. This is all an elaborate illusion Aire has set up, however, as she is actually a talented social engineer. Her objective is to bring civilization back to the center lands of the world, to protect and guide the nations, which hold true civilization, instead of the base barbarism of her childhood.
She was born into the Hundred Kingdoms in RY 693 (about 75 years before the present day), the only daughter of a noble dragon-blooded family of Greyfalls defectors. She resented the family and escaped into the wilderness, where she learned of the ability to survive, and her talent for social prodding among the local spirits and townsfolk, entering them into mutually beneficial arrangements and causing several of the villages in the area to prosper independent of any ruler ship. She Exalted and was tattooed as changing moon, and was worshipped by several small local villages as a goddess of beauty and a servant of Luna. Then her eldest brother, a dragon-blooded by the name of Larek, interfered with her pet project and invaded the peaceful villages, subjecting them and the regional spirits to harsh laws and penalties. His family ruled with an iron fist, and, in spite of her best attempts to dislodge their power, found herself unable to do so, their grip on the local spirits to tight. She turned to the Silver Pact for guidance, and from there, she made her way to Great Forks to learn the ways of grand cities. A goddess taught her to take full advantage of her grace and beauty to bring opponents… and patrons… to their knees. It was here that she began to learn Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Style, and used her looks, charm, and manipulative ability to weave her way into several noble’s courts. From there, she observed and formulated what parts of civilization to preserve, and what parts would be best eliminated. The silver pact turned over a floundering young lunar nicknamed “Chitters” to tutor him in getting by on more than just strength and good looks.
Unfortunately for Aire, Chitters panics when under pressure, and lacked the discretion to cover his tracks after stealing a human’s shape, and the two became wanted in Great Forks. It was there that Aire learned of an incoming delegation from Lookshy, and she snuck her way in as a noblewoman to meet with the Lookshayans and perhaps find a safe way out of Great Forks. She spotted Beran in the crowd and quickly attached herself to him without a thought, which worried her to no end. She scarcely noticed the dark glares from the dragon-blooded woman leading the delegation, and was surprised to learn that most of the Lookshy delegation were newly born Solar Exalted, and one Lunar no-moon. Eventually she and Chitters snuck on board the Lookshy skyship, but were caught and arrested. After several days in the custody of Lookshy, she managed to talk her way out of her incarceration by pulling a few of Beran’s strings, quickly taking advantage of his apparent wealth, power and prestige. She was released into Beran’s custody, which was apparently common practice these days in Lookshy. She agreed to assist Chuzei Shen (whoever that was) in investigating an old Manse. She spent most of that encounter observing the way the Lookshy military-citizenry operated… and began to get new ideas for her Thousand Streams River contribution.
Still, the problem of Beran came to her attention… she was quite attached to the sorcerer engineer for some odd reason, and didn’t feel like leaving Lookshy just yet. The other Lunar, Whitehide seemed to have a similar problem on his hands. Fortunately, her goal seemed compatible with Beran’s for the moment, and as long as she stayed in control of herself, the Dragon-blooded woman, Sylvia, with her obvious hero-worship and attraction to the Solar, would be easy enough to appease, without jeopardizing anything. After all, it’s not like the mayfly Dragon-Blooded really could outlast a bond sanctified by Luna!

Aire normally likes sparkling baubles, and silky flowing clothing. She enjoys people watching her, and likes being in the center of attention, as it brings back fond memories of being worshipped as a Goddess. In Lookshy, her amount of sparkle has been considerably reduced, but she enjoys fine silks and the trappings of nobility. Her manner of dress is notably un-Lookshy, but still manages to attract positive attention with her grace and knowledge of when to use a more modest approach to fitting in. She’s been gradually working up social circles, learning of Lookshy’s art, culture, and unique ideas on the immaculate faith.

Aire is of moderate height with deep brown eyes, and a sculptured figure of artistic beauty (which becomes quite amusing when she decides to captivate the onlookers with Dreaming Pearl Form). Her hair is a Golden-red, with darker skin. Her eyes are seductive and warm, but ultimately friendly. She moves with nobility and delicate grace, which deceptively conceals her deadly ability. She normally wears loose fitting, flowing gowns, silks, and other lightweight garments. Even when traveling in the wilderness or Wyld, she still wears flowing clothing, even if it’s of a more functional cut and material, primarily because it’s immensely useful in self-defense.
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Exalts of Lookshy community begins
Welcome to the Exalted of the Scavanger Lands and Beyond the Age community. Yes, I know the title needs work. This community is for my active exalted group to post additional story elements and such, from the perspective of their characters. First up, we've got the craftsman Twilight Caste, Beran Prometheus.

Biography as follows.

Beran “Prometheus” Sohan of Lookshy, Exalted of the Twilight Caste.

Beran was born in Thorns in RY 742 to artisan May Sohan and smith Jules Sohan. He started ‘learning’ the art of fine metallurgy at a young age from his parents, who fostered his curiosity and directed it to developing skilled manual dexterity. In RY 746 his family, realizing that the nation was heading down the path of an unjust war (privy to increasing orders of weapons to outfit the military), fled the city with their only son, abandoning virtually all their possessions. They arrived in Lookshy as Metic refugees, and effectively defected, providing valuable intelligence and contributing their considerable experience in the smithy and savant mills.

After Lookshy won the conflict, Beran’s family was awarded Helot status, and Beran was permitted to study in the District of Schools, due to his overwhelming intuition in the areas of thaumaturgical enchanting, geomancy and warding. When he grew older, he was apprenticed to his father while studying with the weapons and tools of his trade for his first tour of duty. He served his first tour near Nexus in RY 761, where his assistance in protecting local guild interests taught him the basics of economics. When he returned he began working as an assistant to one of the sorcerer engineers in the Savant district. His family’s crafts developed a reputation of overwhelming excellence and they quickly became well-known and respected smiths and artisans and developed an enviable income.

In RY 763 He served in the fourth field force as a mortal technician in one of their warstrider fangs.

In RY 764 Thorns is conquered by the Mask of Winters. In RY 766 he was assigned as a technical supporter in a scale assigned to the Marukan Alliance. In Descending Water he and a small fang led by the wood-aspected Dragon Blooded Sylvia Shen were sent to retrieve information liberated by an intelligence directorate operative stationed in Thorns. His purpose in the fang was to upkeep the team’s first-age stealth equipment they were to use to sneak into the expanding shadowland surrounding Thorns. As they made their way to the drop point, they found the badly decayed corpse of the Lookshayan operative lashed to a tree, guarded by several zombies and the operative’s own hungry ghost. An Abyssal named Righteous Blasphemer of the Tortured Crescent, also stood guard, waiting for the fang to arrive to retrieve the information left by their comrade. The Abyssal taunted them, telling them that he had been feeding the Lookshy spy false information before he was killed, and then proceeded to engage Sylvia in combat. After nearly 10 minutes of battle, Sylvia was wounded by the Abyssal and fell. Beran rushed to engage the Abyssial, telling the others to retreat (they refused). He quickly overloaded the stealth equipment to blind the Abyssal, burning out the power source, but providing a useful distraction as they attempted to escape with Sylvia. They managed to run some distance before hiding under cover to regroup and plan their escape. Sylvia ordered the group to abandon her and run before losing consciousness. Beran, the ranking soldier in the group told the others to take Sylvia and run while he led away the Abyssal. The other soldiers in his group refused and resolved to make their stand to protect their commander. Beran tossed them his remaining equipment, keeping only his sword and hammer and ran back toward the Abyssal, shouting for them to not follow him. Beran met with the pursuing Deathknight and wordlessly engaged with him in combat, where he was quickly wounded by the far stronger Deathknight. Beran stood to battle the corrupted Solar, swearing an oath to Tien Yu and the Unconquered Sun, Patrons of Lookshy and Warriors respectively that all the corruption of the undead would be purged from the world even if he had to do everything himself. The glory of the Sun flared from Beran as he exalted and burned with both the blessing of the Sun and the Spirit of Lookshy. Using his new strength Beran Furiously struck at the Deathknight who had never met any who posed a real danger to the Dark Exalted. Wounded and exhausted, the Abyssal fled back to Thorns. His anima banner still burning brightly, Beran returned to his fang and told them of their safety. After returning to the redoubt in Marukan Territory, Beran was summoned home with the wounded Sylvia in order to answer for his violation of Sylvia’s orders. For his valor and heroics, he was granted citizenship (At this point very few people knew he was an exalted, least of all one of the Solar Anathema, as it was agreed to have been overlooked for his extreme patriotism). While exploring the area around the hinterland community his family supported, he found the ruins of a first-age workshop and a hidden Manse that called to his Solar Essence. He purchased the land and established an estate, restoring much of the old workshop (although not nearly up to the strength of a Factory Cathedral).

In RY 768 he is a wealthy smith and savant, building artifacts and repairing first age artifacts for the Seventh Legion. However, anti-solar rivals within the Seventh Legion government are pushing for the revocation of his citizenship, and the Rumors of an Anathema craftsman living within the territory of Lookshy have begun to spread.

((Edit: Fixed the name of the Abyssal))
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